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Cardiovascular disease is still the most common cause of death in the world. In this regard, cardiac CT has been proposed as attractive non-invasive imaging which can accurately evaluate not only luminal stenosis but also the atherosclerotic plaque. With the development of technical aspects of CT technique, clinical practice and research are increasingly shifting toward guiding interventional treatment of various structural heart disease and defining the clinical implication of plaque morphology, myocardial perfusion, and patient outcomes. Currently, the latest techniques such as dual-or multi-energy CT and FFR-CT are being introduced in clinical fields, thus, various applications in cardiovascular diseases are expected.

Accordingly, CIVICS was established to meet the needs for academic education and training, research exchanges, and getting the up-to-date information, among radiologists, clinicians, and technicians all over Asia in relation to CT cardiovascular imaging. The CIVICS will be held the 4th academic scientific meeting in Seoul, Korea from May 25th(Sat.) to 26th(Sun.) of this year. In this meeting, we invited two great radiologists, one is Dr. Charles S. White (University of Maryland School of Medicine (Radiology)) who served president of North American Society for Cardiovascular Imaging(NASCI) and the other is Dr. Suhny Abbara (UT Southwestern Medical Center (Radiology)), who is an editor-in-chief of newly launched Journal “Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging”. They are well-known as pioneers of cardiovascular imaging and excellent researchers who have outstanding achievements of cardiovascular imaging. In addition, many experts in cardiovascular imaging in Asia have also decided to participate in this meeting. In particular, we have established a multimodality imaging session for various cardiac disease including echocardiography, cardiac MR or nuclear imaging added to the cardiac CT imaging. A debate session on which modality would be the best for evaluating stable chest pain also will be interesting for the audience.

Expectantly, anyone who are interested in cardiovascular imaging, we would like them to participate in this meeting regardless of whether they are a student, trainee, doctor or technician. I have confidence that this scientific meeting programs will be informative and useful for both the beginners and already active users in cardiovascular imaging. I hope all participants will get the latest knowledge of cardiovascular imaging and chances to meet a lot of distinguished specialists through this meeting, and will interchange their own experiences among them.

Eun-Ju Chun, Scientific Program Committee Chair
Department of Radiology, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Eui-Young Choi, Scientific Program Committee Chair
Department of Cardiology, Gangnam Severance Hospital

Program at a glance

CIVICS 2019 Program at a Glance

Time May 25 (Sat.) May 26 (Sun.)
Session 1.
From request to image presentation
(Korean Language)
Session 5.
Challenging of cardiac CT; calcium
Intermission Intermission
Opening Ceremony Session 6.
Hot issues in cardiomyopathy
Session 2. Plenary Lecture
Present and future of cardiac imaging
from Leaders
Session 7.
Value of a Multimodality Imaging Approach for infective endocarditis
Session 8.
Latest advances on cardiovascular CT:
editors perspective
Session 3.
Diagnostic paradigm for stable chest pain:
Debate session
Session 4.
Expanded role of cardiac CT
beyond the coronary artery imaging

(This is tentative and possible to change)